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7 Valuable Points for the People Initiating Into the Field Of Agriculture

Recently it is marked that many industrialists, businessmen, financiers, etc. are making a way differing than their periodic trend of work and are getting into the field of agriculture. This is presented as Farm-Owner that shows the status symbol. Agriculture is and was the status representation of our countrymen from many civilizations, but the tradition of farming had got fade with the growing modernization.

But as said various persons are showing interest in the trades they are searching for Agriculture plots near Pune. In the defining improvements, several persons would be gaining the proprietary of various food crops, seeds, flowers, fruits, etc. If you are such a person, then you need to get knowledgeable enough about the trade of agriculture in detail.

The 7 Points to Remember and Execute As Required

  • Agriculture has several branches which are specified as Horticulture, Floriculture, Poultry-Farming, Dairy-Farming, Bee-Keeping, etc.
  • The Agriculture plots near Pune you are in search of must be decided according to your selected agricultural branch as measurements of the plots vary along with the requirement of the branches.
  • To specify this point, horticulture needs a large patch of a plot to grow the varying crops, fruits, and vegetables whereas the plot for Bee-keeping may not require as large space as Horticulture.
  • The land regulations of Maharashtra are operated by three pieces of legislations, those are, The Bombay Tenancy and Agricultural Lands Act, 1948, The Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966 and The Maharashtra Agricultural Lands Act, 1961.
  • You need to know all of these rules and regulations as embedded by the government if you are interested in beginning your new journey in the trade of agriculture.
  • There are several points that can be helpful to you; you need to consider these points, and this would help in getting permissions and prepare the required documents. Among the rules, few are like the 7/12 extract, 6&6/12 extracts, 8/A extract, Land revenue tax receipt, size, shape and dimensions of the plot, etc.
  • While purchasing Agriculture plots in Pune you need to know all most all the rules and regulations as embedded by the government; you can be helped by a well experienced and reputed real estate firm in such case.

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